David Thulstrup & NABLA

David Thulstrup & NABLA

Award-winning architect David Thulstrup brings his extensive experience to furniture and lighting design.

Designer David Thulstrup

Award-winning architect David Thulstrup brings his extensive experience to furniture and lighting design. Using architecture and context as a starting point, he creates simple, well-crafted pieces that are distinctive in their form but work harmoniously in their designated spaces.

Honest use of materials and clarity of purpose are paramount to his designs. Applying a holistic approach to his practice, Thulstrup often creates furniture and lighting for specific projects but always with the intention that they belong anywhere. Although contemporary in their expression, they are designs that will stand the test of time.

Thulstrup has an extensive international portfolio ranging from residential architecture to restaurants, retail, hotels, furniture and lighting. His Noma restaurant interior won multiple awards for its elegant mix of craft and comfort, and a strong sense of place. Before founding his studio in 2009, David worked for Jean Nouvel in Paris and Peter Marino in New York. Today he works with a culturally diverse team in a naturally lit industrial space in Copenhagen.





NABLA is a collection of rugs designed by David Thulstrup for Made by Hand in collaboration with Golran. Using juxta­ positions as a central tenant in his work, NABLA is composed of sophisticated gradients, where timeless but vibrant colour combinations adjoin a gradual interlace of materiality. Through technical excellence provided by Golran, NABLA highlights meticulous attention to detail and tactility with a contemporary touch. Typically bold and refreshing for David Thulstrup— yet enduring at the same time.

The result is a collection composed of four tonal gradations, woven together with the softest bamboo silk and the finest New Zealand wool. NABLA is available in four different colour ways and sizes. The unique blend of materials and colour hues, ranging from playful to more subtle shades, turn each rug into a luxurious item. Its sheen finish allows for an elegant expression, and thereby making NABLA home to many different residential and commercial settings.

“NABLA for Made by Hand marks a new chapter—and I am thrilled to pair it with my other designs to ultimately create spaces where people feel at home. It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with Golran on the production of the rugs. With their expertise and dedication to the craft, the collection emphasises artisanal excellence through unique material gradients and playful colour palettes. I always find myself gravitating towards juxtapositions, which also manifested itself in the collection. Using 100% bamboo silk and 100% wool on each end of the rug creates an interesting balance, especially when the softness of the bamboo silk interlaces with the durable wool, with an almost graphical nature. While some colours in the collection are vivid and playful, NABLA resembles minimal simplicity and timeless elegance at the same time”

- David Thulstrup, Founder, Studio David Thulstrup.