About Made by Hand

Made by Hand is a contemporary Danish design brand celebrating fine craftsmanship and understated luxury. Founded in 2014 with the vision to develop innovative and durable design objects made by local craftspeople - in Denmark and abroad. Made by Hand is guided by the passion for natural materials and permanence, - and offers designs with beautiful details and timeless personality for home interiors, offices and liveable spaces.

Fundamental of our brand

The process of creating our designs with designers and makers requires artistry and a deep knowledge of each craft and its technical boundaries. The fundamentals of Made by Hand are how designs merge with artisanship via a creative process, and how materials must be carefully chosen and crafted into beautiful, timeless and
functional designs.

Made by Hand works with a range of different workshops in Denmark and abroad, and the makers are all critical to the quality and details of our designs. This is a collaborative process and the work with design ideas, testing prototypes, shapes and function is an innovative journey where traditional methods are important. We respect
and nurture the time and care taken with every process.

Metal Work

The idyllic countryside of Denmark is home to many of our metal workers and workshops where experienced and talented makers create our designs in honest materials. Both traditional tools, as well as modern machines are behind our classic workshop lamp made in aluminum and the Petite Machine lamp with pressed parts, brass sections and lots of details.

Knitting Work

Knitting is an old craft, but not used for modern design lamps before Made by Hand started to explore how it was possible to create a knitted lamp with aesthetic beauty and functional light, back in 2016. In the beautiful countryside in Austria, we found a very experienced old company, Kobleder, a thirdgeneration family with many years of skilled knowledge of knitting production. The Knit-Wit lamp is a 3D knitted shade made of flame retardant yarns creating a very poetic distribution of light. After several years of testing ideas, design shapes and knitted prototypes, the Knit-Wit lamp emerged
with the help of the engineers and technical skilled people at Kobleder, helping us and the designers to solve the knitting part. Today each Knit-Wit lamp is knitted without any waste in the production. The new Flying lamp from 2023 is also 3D knitted in Austria by Kobleder and has the same sustainable foundation as Knit-Wit lamp even though the design is very different.

Dying and Weaving Work

The NABLA collection of rugs is made in collaboration with Golran in Milan. Through technical excellence provided by Golran and their workshops in India, NABLA rugs highlight meticulous attention to detail and tactility with a contemporary touch. The collection is composed of four tonal gradations, woven together with the softest bamboo silk and the finest New Zealand wool. The colourdyeing process is long and requires a deep knowledge of the interplay of materials and colour. The resulting creation is a beautiful gradient design where the softness of the bamboo silk contrasts with the wool's durability.

Glass Work

As a material, glass is incomparably intriguing; smooth, shapable, scaleable and beautiful in its variety of transparencies and textures. Glass making is an ancient craft and glass reveals its beauty through light, which highlights the shapes in the design. The PePo lamp is an unusual mouthblown glass lamp with its inspirational shape inspired by the pumpkin; a very organic and appealing design. The PePo lamp has
a traditional function, but the form embraces soft waves and movements that are not usually referenced in glass lamps. With its playful glass nod to the pumpkin silhouette, its repetitive pattern gives the PePo lamp a versatile appeal from all angles, while the “stem” adds a fun and iconic element.

Rice Paper Work

Rice paper has many unique qualities lightness, elegance and tactility, which make rice paper lamps appear as almost like floating sculptures. The Papier lamps are handmade the structures are created from meter long lanes that create the shape, then pieces of paper are attached, one at a time. The support frame for the Paper lamp
is prebent according to each design, and is then welded and painted. It is a fascinating and almost hypnotic process to watch the lamps come to life. The properties of rice paper are amazing, the way in which the paper can distribute the light and create
mood simply by means of structure and translucency is difficult to imitate. The distribution of the light through the paper is not only very aesthetic but also highly functional and practical.