The PePo lamp is a unique and organic mouth-blown glass fixture that draws inspiration from the charming shape of a pumpkin. Its design features soft waves and movements not commonly found in glass lamps, with a playful nod to the pumpkin's silhouette. To ensure your PePo lamp remains in excellent condition and retains its versatile appeal, we provide the following cae and maintenance guidelines.

  • Care and maintainance

    For a day-to-day cleaning, use a damp, non-abrasive cloth to wipe the glass surfaces of the PePo lamp. Use a mild, neutral soap when necessary for cleaning. Avoid abrasive or acidic cleaning products as they may damage the glass’s surface.

    Steer clear of contact with common acidic liquids like vinegar, wine, coffee, etc, as these can potentially stain the glass surface permanently. In case of accidental spills, clean the affected with a soft cloth and mild, neutral soap to prevent staining.

  • Important Note

    The PePo lamp, while durable, is a fragile glass fixture. Always consider the weight, texture, and moisture content. Abrasive materials can scratch, acid and moisture can stain,, and weight or impact can break or crack the glass. It is crucial to handle your PePo lamp with care.

    The information provided in this care and maintenance guide serves as a guidance for the proper care of PePo lamps, but it cannot be guarantee specific results. The manufacturer of PePo lamps is not liable for any damage resulting from this care and maintenance activities. Always follow instructions from suppliers of cleaning convents and materials when handling your PePo lamp.