The Lab Kitchen

The Lab Kitchen

We met for a delightful lunch with concept developer and Director Nanna and discussed her visions for the lab kitchen. 

Located inside Copenhagen’s leading photography studio The Lab you’ll find the lab kitchen – a friendly spot to meet, eat, sip, work and wind down. We met for a delightful lunch with concept developer and Director Nanna and discussed her visions for the lab kitchen. 

First of all, tell us about the lab kitchen - the concept?

Located in Copenhagen’s premier photography studio, the lab kitchen is a friendly spot to relax, meet, eat, sip, wind down and rest awhile – the perfect space for guests using the studios, for creative meetings or hours of lap-topping. You can drop by for delicious breakfast, fine coffee – we take the matter of beans supremely seriously! And when your tummy tells you it is around mid-day our daily House Lunch is set – packed with goodness and always the freshest in season. Late afternoon we tempt with freshly baked cookies, a sneaky glass of wine or a selection of nibbles. the lab kitchen is a restaurant away from the traditional restaurant scene, a canteen away from the traditional canteens, and we like to think we have perfected an inviting setting, a serene haven of goodness and possibilities.

Can you describe the process of establishing the lab kitchen?
It has been dynamic, fun and lots of hard work. From the very beginning there has been lots of believe and visions put into the process and room for creative try outs. We are still establishing, understood as existing less than a year, the lab kitchen is still up and coming and everyday is an ongoing process to establish our “personality”.

Director & Concept Developer at The Lab; Nanna

What kind of cuisine characterize the food at the lab kitchen ?
We pride ourselves on a daily changing menu of delicious, real food. Trusting in the virtues eating with the seasons, our chefs create inventive dishes using honest ingredients from local suppliers. We commit us to make food from scratch. Our passion is to make simple, tasty and honest food, that are memorable. Our chefs can arrange it all – from early bird breakfast, over lunch hour to finger food party or sumptuous feasts.

If you as an outsider dropped down in the lab kitchen, what city would you guess you landed in?

We have heard several references – most of them go to New York, London and Berlin.

What is the most popular dish in the lab kitchen?

Our menu is changing daily and packed with goodness, but you will always find dishes with eggs, lots of greens and cheese. Right now we have an early summer favourite –  chargrilled summer kale, smoked cheese and dill.

What feeling/experience do you aim to give your guests?
Our aim is to leave our guest nourished and feeling happy. We dedicate ourselves to host our guests the most friendly way to leave them with both personal and professional service experience. Everybody should feel welcome when stopping by the lab kitchen.

The lab kitchen family is a group of passionate people. How is the team put together?
Different personalities, great smiles, creative minds, huge flexibility and a natural passion for “how to host”. And a team with a lot of believe in the idea, and an engagement of being part of making the lab kitchen actually happen.

How is the concept of the lab kitchen i.e. the food and drinks in dialogue with its surroundings and the creativity evolving in the surrounding studios?
The concept is designed to “fit” the surroundings – both the people and the space. The main part of our guests are related to the creative industry, and it has been an important part in the design process to reflect “the needs” of the professionals in this field. 

What thoughts and requirements did you have for the interior decoration?
We wanted to be true to our context – to the old, atmospheric industrial building. And to the creative vibe that is found on every level of the building. That is why the main notes in the interior design are: industrial – urban – democratic – flexible.   Of course being a part of The Lab photo studio it was a natural aim to design a space that was not only functional as place to eat and drink, meet and socialize, but also as setting for productions and insta-moments.

What are your dreams and ambitions for the next couple of years?
My wish is that the lab kitchen becomes a feel good place for a lot of different people. And that this spectacular space will host a number of joyful happenings and events both for professionals and private guests. I believe that the the lab kitchen can be a lively hub for our neighbours, for the photographers and their creative teams and for everybody who find joy and inspiration in a unique urban setting with creative vibe, high quality real food and friendly atmosphere.