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The Knit-Wit

Though knitting is an old craft, it hasn’t yet been exploited for modern design lamps, and this was the fundamental aspiration for Made by Hand. The knitted materiality of the Knit-Wit lamp distributes light through the yarn’s pattern, making each lamp distinctive and decorative.

3D-knitted materiality

Distributes light through the yarn’s pattern.

Flexibility and transparency

Knit-Wit is the first knitted modern lamp.

Sustainable production

No cut-offs – No waste in the production.

Knit-Wit Production

The story behind the production of Knit-Wit.

Campaign 2019

Knit-Wit Floor High in Sand Stone. Shot in an old modernist villa north of Copenhagen, styled by Pernille Vest and photo by Anders Schønnemann.

A design by ISKOS-BERLIN

Distinctive and decorative in any style and setting.

Knit-Wit means..

“a person with a flair, knack or love of knitting/crocheting craft; handy with yarn and needles; a knitting/crocheting enthusiast”