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A playful family of lamps.

The inspiration for the Petite Machine is about playing with movement and distances between the two circular meetings of the tube and the mounting. The design is also strongly inspired by lamp design of the 1930s and 1950s. The color palette is inspired by the 1950’s but with a reference to the clarity of contemporary colors.

Looking from above

The Simple Ceiling lamp in deep black.

Lamp shade in light Pink

180 degrees movement.

The elegant brass edition

Is available as table and floor lamp.

The Petite Machine Ceiling Lamp

With its seven lamp shades the Ceiling 01 has a sculptural expression and is suitable to shed light on an extraordinary room.

Playing with movement

The circular meetings of the Floor 01 clearly tells the story of a playful design process.

Close-up brass details

The grooved glass of the lamp shade mirrors in the brass.