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Our Philosophy

Made by Hand is a contemporary Danish design brand celebrating fine craftsmanship and understated luxury. Founded in 2014 with the vision to develop innovative and durable design objects made by local craftspeople - in Denmark and abroad. Made by Hand is guided by the passion for natural materials and permanence, - and offers designs with beautiful details and timeless personality for home interiors, offices and liveable spaces.

The Studio

Made by Hand Studio is the creative space and platform for a number of inspirational projects within creative fields in close collaboration with architects, designers and users of a space.

We connect here our design philosophy with great people and belive very much in the people driven creativity from idea to final interior solution. We use our know-how and develop and execute on custom solutions, and bespoke design developments, and we are always guided by our passion for natural materials, craftmanship and long-lasting quality in materials.

Bespoke projects has to do with patience and sense of sensibility to create residential and commercial interiors which has beauty, timelessness, and personality.

Studio news

Made by Hand on new collaborations, and stories through images from travelling, events and places where Made by Hand works on creative developments, and new designs.

Bespoke projects

Made by Hand on new bespoke projects where our designs is customed and made special to a space and user.