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A very special one

The new Aesop brand store in Copenhagen opened in 2016 on Værnedamsvej, one of the city’s most vibrant and cosy streets full of flower shops, cafes and specialty boutiques.

The locals call the street ‘a slice of Paris’, and the vibe and people there create an everyday intimacy and poetry. This was also the starting point for Studioilse to design the store’s interior from materials that are warm, natural and human; brass, different woods and soft textiles:

"It’s important to us that, in a understated and careful way, you integrate the human elements in design"

To fit into this interior concept, Studioilse asked Made By Hand to create a bespoke edition of the classic workshop lamp from 1951.

After months of preparation, new tooling and a week in the workshop by skilled craftsmen, a special edition lamp in polished brass in the massive size of 82cm arrived at the new Aesop Store. A very special one.