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Designer Nina Bruun

You have been working as designer for many years, but this is your first lamp design? What was your inspiration for PePo glass lamp?

“I’ve been interested in light from very early in my career and it’s a field that I worked a lot with during my studies where I created several pieces. PePo was designed with a wish to create a simple yet sculptural lamp with a highly commercial appeal. I really wanted to give the classic glass pendant more character and personality. In my work with PePo I’ve been focused on designing a functional lamp that changes as you move around it, making it interesting and ever-relevant, alone, in pairs or in clusters.” – Nina Bruun

Papier is another design lamp you have created with Made by Hand. What was the inspiration for working with rice paper as a material for
a lamp?

“Papier is, like glass, a very poetic material if used well. I was very interested in challenging the material and working with several forms in one and even overlapping shades which is something that I haven’t seen in rice paper lamps before. I like the quality of the light that passes through the tactile material and I think it adds so much to an atmosphere.

The properties of rice paper are amazing, the way in which the paper can distribute the light and create mood simply by means of structure and translucency is difficult to imitate. The distribution of the light through the paper is not only very aesthetic but also highly functional and practical – it’s a simple way to add a lot of ambience.” – Nina Bruun