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Coat Stand designed by Danish design duo STUDIO 0405

With inspiration in Japanese joinery, the Coat Stand is simple and easy to assemble for everyday use. The Coat stand is a discrete, low-key design, in dialogue with its surroundings but with a feeling of something both refined and extraordinary. Comes in two sizes; 100 cm and 150 cm.

A sense of tactility

Has a stabilizing effect.

The joining of the legs

An example of the Japanese inspiration.

Coat Stand – A refined detail

Clothing bar with a thin brass detail.

New Campaign 2019

Coat Stand presented in an old modernist villa north of Copenhagen. Styled by Pernille Vest and photo by Anders Schønnemann.

Coat Stand in ash

In meeting with your hands, you sense the smoothness of the wood, the beauty of the legs coming together

Coat Stand in perspective

From the front and side view you sense the beauty of the legs coming together and the small details of the aluminium in the center becomes visible.