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NABLA rug - Daylight

NABLA is a new collection of rugs designed by David Thulstrup for Made by Hand and in collaboration with Golran. The unique blend of materials and colour hues, ranging from playful to more subtle shades, turn each rug into a luxurious item.

Weaved together

100% bamboo silk and 100% on each end.

Four different sizes

Available in four different colourways and sizes.

Technical excellence

Materials and colours balanced in beautiful ways.

The Story of NABLA

Designer David Thulstrup explains the idea and process on creating NABLA.

Timeless elegance - Sundown

While some colours in the collection are vivid and playful, NABLA resembles minimal simplicity and timeless elegance at the same time.

A unique material gradients

NABLA is composed of sophisticated gradients, where timeless but vibrant colour combinations adjoin a gradual interlace of materiality.

A design by David Thulstrup - Dusk

Award-winning architect David Thulstrup brings his extensive experience to furniture and lighting design. Honest use of materials and clarity of purpose are paramount for his designs.