Made By Hand logo

Our Philosophy

Made By Hand celebrate and pay tribute to craftsmanship and an understated luxury with different voices, poetry and permanence in our designs.

Each design piece from Made by Hand shares a basic and straight forward style and at Made By Hand
we find inspiration in the authentic; authentic people, authentic materials and authentic ‘lived’ everyday

Always guided by our passion for natural materials, craftsmanship and long-lasting quality in materials
and with a patience and sense of sensibility to create designs which has beauty, timelessness,
and personality.

In the workshop

How we work

In many ways our design direction is shaped by our personal beliefs in craftmanship and how great products creates a better everyday experience in which human beings with family and friends share their thoughts, dreams and daily life experiences.

Choosing the right designers, and the right design idea, – and making sure every new Made By Hand product live up to our design values is something of a refined process often emerging out of long and somewhat slow-working effort where we in collaboration with designers, craftsmen and skilled people fintune and work dedicated to make bold and original products with an impact and a difference for everyday life.

We have a straightforward design approach with an appreciation of all the small details, the finesse and the quality work that goes into a design made by hand. We believe it makes the experience of the design in everyday life so much more fulfilling and lasting.

Our take on craftsmanship

Sometimes we look back in time for inspiration and we find classic Danish design with a great story we believe should be introduced to a wider audience, or we start collaboration with new designers sharing the same passion and belief as we do.

We are based in the values of classic craftsmanship, and we are dedicated to unite old techniques and know-how with natural materials enhancing the home experience.

It’s a great inspiration for us to connect with creative people that like to introduce craftsmanship in the context of our time and cultural life.

We are led by a commitment to authenticity in design and every single Made By Hand product should be useful, and function well, in high quality materials shaped with details which are purposeful. Materials are chosen meticulously , and the details in our design is choosen to create a refinement and pleasure in everyday life.